About Us

Our Story

Transource Logistics was established in May of 2015. Operations began solely servicing Union Pacific Global III in Rochelle, IL. We reached our market potential in Rochelle and in 2018 expanded to servicing all Chicagoland rail terminals including Norfolk Southern, CSX, Canadian Pacific, Canadian National, and Burlington Northern. When Union Pacific Global III closed in 2019, our drivers began working out of the Chicagoland rail terminals. Because our driver base is located West of the city, we provide strong service out of BNSF-LPC, UPG4, CN-Joliet, and CN Harvey. Efforts are in place to hire drivers in the Chicago Metro area to better service all Chicagoland ramps. Our ultimate goal is to have driver bases to service Northern, Southern, Metro, Southwest terminals respectively.   


Guy Coslovich: President/Owner

Dean Coslovich: Vice President/Owner

Vince Coslovich: Safety & Compliance, Billing

What Sets Us Apart

We have a competitive edge in the industry because of our ability to follow through with what we promise. Being customer-focused is the core strength of our business.

If we say we can do the work, we will be able to do it. The only exception will be if something out of our control happens.

Our Affiliations

We abide by the Uniform Intermodal Interchange Agreement (UIIA). In addition, we are proud members of the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) and Intermodal Association of Chicago (IAC). We are also a customs bonded carrier.